Synchronizing SAP Calendars and Outlook Calendars


In order for calendars in the SAP system and in Microsoft Outlook to contain the same appointments, changes made in one calendar must be copied to the other. Synchronization can occur automatically when you call and/or exit Microsoft Outlook or you can start synchronization manually. When and how synchronization takes place depends on your settings.


Only the calendar specified in the current profile is synchronized, irrespective of whether synchronization is automatic or manual. If you want to synchronize other calendar combinations, you have to change the profile. See Maintaining Calendar Profiles.

Synchronization is started in Microsoft Outlook and the settings for the synchronization process are also made there. It is not possible to start synchronization from the SAP system. To start synchronization manually, choose Extras ® SAP Calendar Synchronization in the Microsoft Outlook toolbar.

If queries are activated in your settings, you select appointments that you want to be synchronized from a dialog box displayed during synchronization.

It can take some time for the dialog box to be displayed, depending on the system load.

If several synchronization processes are started simultaneously, they run consecutively. Therefore, do not call synchronization repeatedly if the system does not react immediately. It is possible that you have not yet answered the queries from the current synchronization.


Some functions are treated differently in the two different calendars causing the following differences in synchronization:

Outlook Function
Synchronization with SAP Calendar

Appointment series

Appointment series are called periodic appointments in the SAP system.

During synchronization, appointment series/periodic appointments are created in the SAP calendar/Outlook calendar as normal appointments. If the appointments created continue beyond the synchronization period, they are taken into account in the next synchronizations.

Appointment attachments

The SAP calendar does not display attachments, they remain ‘invisible’. If you change appointments in the SAP calendar that had an attachment in the Outlook calendar, the attachments remain in Outlook when the SAP synchronization is performed.


The SAP calendar does not support tasks.


Contacts are not synchronized.