The Appointment Calendar in the Internet


This Easy Web Transaction (EWT) offers your employees an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for maintaining their appointments in the SAP System. As a result, appointment data can also be managed in the SAP System by employees who do not work with the SAP GUI. This means that it is possible to benefit from appointments being available centrally without incurring training expenses for the use of the SAP GUI. When planning their own appointments or creating group appointments, employees can access the appointments of their colleagues, irrespective of whether these were created using the SAP GUI or the Web interface. Furthermore, employees working out of the office, for example, can maintain their appointments in the SAP System using an Internet link.


The appointment calendar is part of the SAP System and can, therefore, be used in all applications by all users.


The authorizations required to maintain your own appointment calendar are contained in the role SAP_BC_SRV_GBT. Access authorizations for the calendars of other users are defined by users for their own calendars or by an administrator. By default, every user can display the appointment calendars of other users. Users can limit the display options for individual appointments by classifying them as secret. Secret appointments block a time period, but no detailed information is displayed.


It is very important that the EWT calendar is easy to use. Therefore, some of the functions of the SAP GUI calendar were not incorporated in the Web calendar.

All-day events can only be maintained in the SAP GUI calendar, but they are displayed in the Web calendar. Various options for defining the period of periodic appointments are available in the SAP GUI calendar, but in the Web calendar, you only have the choice of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly periods. Appointments with other periods are, however, displayed in the Web calendar as periodic appointments and can be changed or deleted there.

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Service name

The service name of this EWT is BWCA. You will find all the associated files in the SAP System and in the SAP@Web Studio under this name.

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