Calendar Settings


In the calendar settings, you can adjust the display of the appointment overview to suit your needs, set a factory calendar, and restrict the receipt of info mails about group appointments. You can make the following settings:

Other fields have been added for SAP Web Application Server Release 6.10:

Personal time zone

The time zone that is assigned to you in your user settings is displayed in this field. You can change the time zone by choosing System ® User profile ® Own data.

Display appointments for organizational units indicator

If, in addition to your own appointments, appointments arranged for your organizational units (for example, your department) are also to be displayed in your calendar, select this field. This is a presetting that takes effect when you call the calendar. You can temporarily change this presetting by choosing Edit ® (Do Not) Display Appointments for Org. Units.


You can call the user settings by double-clicking on in the standard toolbar for the appointment overview.