Time Zone-Based Appointment Planning


Each appointment has to be assigned the time zone in which it takes place. The appointment is then displayed in the calendar at a time that is dependent on the time zone-dependency of the appointment and on the view used.

If you maintain your calendar for one time zone only, there is no difference in the views. In this case, you do not need to deal with time zones. Your own time zone is assigned automatically to your appointments.

Views: Local times view and user time view

An appointment is displayed in the local times view in the time zone assigned to it, that is, in its local time. It is displayed in the user time view in your time zone, that is, the time zone that is assigned to you in your user data. Local time-independent appointments are exceptions. These are displayed in the local times view in your time zone. Therefore, they are displayed in the local times view and in the user time view in your time zone.

Time zone-dependency: Local time-dependent appointments and local time-independent appointments

Local time-independent appointments are appointments that take place in a different time zone to the one that you are in at the time of the appointment. For example, a video conference taking place in the time zone Sydney but which you are participating in from Central Europe.


Switching time zone views

When you call the appointment calendar, the local times view is displayed. To switch views, choose .

You can recognize which view is currently active by the icon:

  • If the icon is depressed = User time view
  • If the icon is not depressed = Local times view.

Changing the time zone of an appointment

Your time zone is preset when you create an appointment. You can change the time zone when you create or change the appointment.

Changing your own time zone

  1. Choose System ® User profile ® Own data.

    A new session is opened.

  2. On the tab page Defaults, specify the time zone.
  3. Choose .

    The initial screen is displayed.

  4. Close the session.

Creating local time-independent appointments

When you create or change an appointment, deselect the field Display appointment in local time.