Interruption and Continuation of an Archiving Session


When planning production data archiving, you may only have a limited time frame or amount of storage space to use for archiving your data. This function allows you to interrupt an archiving session during an active production write phase for those archiving objects that support this function and then continue the session later when more time or space is available.


This function is part of archive administration (transaction SARA) and also requires the support of the write program.


To interrupt an archiving session:

      • Interruption of the archiving object must be registered in transaction AOBJ, otherwise the Archive Development Kit (ADK) will not notify the write program that interruption has been requested
      • The archiving session must be interruptable.
      • The write program must handle the interrupt.
      • The archiving session must be running in production mode.

To continue an interrupted session:

      • The session must have been interrupted using this interruption concept. You cannot continue a session that was ended for another reason or a session marked as terminated in Management.
      • The delete phase must have run for the data archived before the interrupt, that is, the status of the session must be Complete.

If due to the Customizing of an archiving object, the delete phase does not start until the write phase has completed, the archiving session cannot be Complete.


The write phase of an interruptable archiving session can be interrupted either implicitly (through values set in cross-archiving object Customizing) or explicitly (manually or through an Application Programming Interface (API).