Releasing Styles

Styles must be released for the end user. Otherwise, they are not displayed to the user.

1. Choose Style ® Check.

To ensure that styles do not contain any errors, check whether all the entries have been made and whether all entries correspond to the input conventions. The status of the check is displayed in the line; the system informs you whether the check routine found any errors.

If the check routine was completed without any errors, you only need to activate your style.

2. Choose Style ® Activate.

The system sends a message stating whether activation was successful.

If you attempt to activate your style despite the fact that an error was found during the check or a check was not run, the activation run is terminated. The style is not accessible to the end user.

Styles can be processed after activation, whether this involves changes, translations, or the deletion of an unnecessary style.

To delete a style, choose Style ® Delete. The system asks you whether you really want to delete your style in all languages. After deletion, you return to the request screen. Your processing status is displayed in the OK line.