New Features in Release 6.10

Tool for creating and designing packages:


Package Builder

Tool for developing BSP applications


Web Application Builder

Tool for creating and managing MIMEs:


MIME Repository

Additional Dictionary services for BSP applications


DDIC Services

Enhancements in the Web Application Builder for ITS services


Language-Specific MIME Objects.


Selection of Generation Styles when Creating HTML Templates.

Defining XSLT transformations using the XSLT editor


XSLT Editor

Additional functions in the Object Navigator


Other browsers are offered in the navigation area in addition to the object list selection. See: Areas of Navigation in SE80.


You can also expand in the object lists without changing the object list. See: Object Lists in the Object Navigator.


Tag Browser

Enhancements in the Class Builder


Creation of persistent classes using the Mapping Assistant.


Assigning class-based exceptions to methods.


Defining global exception classes.


New utilities in the Class Builder.

Enhancements in the Screen Painter


For screen attributes:


Maximum size of the screens is now 200 rows x 255 columns (previously 200 x 240).


You can also suppress the application toolbar. Read the description of the Without application toolbar attribute in Creating Screens.


For input/output fields:


The defined and visible lengths of input/output fields may be a maximum of 255 characters (previously 132).


The Required input attribute has been replaced with the Input attribute, which has four values. See: Program Attributes for Screen Elements.


Use of String Types: Read about the Name attribute in General Attributes.


Output of keys in combination with description texts in dropdown list boxes. Read about the Dropdown attribute in General Attributes.


Attributes of subscreen areas:


Control of tabulator behavior for screen nesting: Read the description of the KeepTab property in Attributes of the Subscreen Area.

Enhancements to the Split-Screen Editor


Source text view possible in the frontend editor See: Special Split-Screen Functions.


Source text comparison also possible for methods. See also: Initial Screen for SE39.

Business add-ins


Creating Screen Enhancements