Maintaining Language Settings


The language settings enable you to set the following parameters for accessing worklists:

·        Source language

·        Target language

·        Translation area

·        Another target language in which translations or proposal pool entries can be displayed for reference purposes

The source and target language settings also apply to your statistics display in transaction SLLS.



       1.      Call up transaction SE63.

       2.      Choose Utilities ® Settings.

       3.      Select the Languages tab page.

       4.      Enter the translation area in which you usually translate. To display a list of available translation areas, use the input help.

       5.      Enter source and target languages for the worklists you want to call up.

       6.      In the Text Display in Other Language field, enter another target language in which you want to display translations or proposal pool entries when working in the short text editor. Otherwise, you need to select the required target language in a dialog box.


These parameters take effect the next time you call up a worklist. You can change them manually if you want to call up a worklist for a target language other than your default target language, for example.