Distribute Proposals


The short text editor enables you to simulate automatic distribution for new lines in the object you have just opened.

This means you can accept best proposals so that they are copied directly to the translation line. This accelerates translation, especially for objects containing a large number of text lines. You can determine the quality status as of which best proposals are accepted. Your translator level determines which quality statuses you are allowed to distribute. Translators defined at a low translator level can only distribute proposals whose quality status is high. Coordinators defined at the highest translator level can distribute proposals up to and including quality status X. For more information, see Translator Status.


Best proposals exist for at least some of the source texts.

Your user has been entered in the Translation Environment (transaction SLWA) as a translator for this target language. For more information, see Creating Translators.




       1.      Open the object to be translated in the short text editor.

       2.      Click the Distribute Proposals icon, or choose Proposal Pool ® Distribute Proposals. This takes you to a dialog box listing the quality statuses that a translator at your translator level is authorized to distribute.

       3.      Select the quality status as of which you want to distribute proposals. The system automatically distributes proposals with a higher quality status too.


The system accepts the best proposals whose quality status is the same as or higher than the quality status you selected.

Check the translations that have just been copied to the translation lines. Once you are sure they are correct, save them.

You can then translate the lines that do not have a best proposal, or that have a best proposal whose quality status is lower than the one you selected.