Integration of the Appointment Display into an Application


You execute the following procedure to call the appointment display at runtime. The appointments of the current user or of the user or object specified in the constructor are displayed by default. You can, however, also specify additional criteria for the appointments that are to be displayed (step 2).

Process Flow

  1. Create a copy of the CL_ORGANIZER class by calling the constructor.
  2. Call the SELECT_APPOINTMENTS method, if necessary.
  3. Call the SHOW method.

In the following examples, a custom container is made available and the appointment display is instantiated and called (using the SHOW method of the CL_ORGANIZER class). An area has to be reserved for a custom control container in the Screen Painter for the subscreen container (for example, 100). It is assigned a name, which can be used to call it later (for example, CALE_CONTROL).

In the first example, the appointments of the current user are displayed with their calendar settings (initial view and time zone, for example) for the current date:

In the second example, the fields for the owner of the appointments and for the calendar settings are filled dynamically: