Changing the Calendar Display


You can temporarily change the display of the current calendar using this function. Once you exit the calendar again, the calendar display returns to standard. The next time you call the calendar your user constant values are used again. If you want to change the display of the calendar permanently, change your user constant values.


You can temporarily change your calendar display using the following settings:



Length of the time period displayed in the daily and weekly view.

08:00 until 18:00 hrs.

Length of the intervals displayed in the daily and weekly view that subdivide a time period.

30 minutes

Length of the week displayed in the weekly view.

Monday to Friday

Positioning of the three month overview

Display at top

Calendar type

Public holiday calendar, USA


To change the calendar display temporarily, choose View a Display period.

To restore your standard settings during a session or to display the calendar of another user in accordance with their user constant values, choose View ® Display period and in the subsequent dialog box, choose Get constant values and .