Printing a Graphic

The Graphic  ® Print option sends the planning board to the printer.

You can set the following options in the Printer setup dialog window:

·        Destination

You can choose one of the following options:

·         Local:   prints your graph on your local printer (not available for Motif)

·         SAP Spool: sends your graph to the SAP printer queue (PostScript printers only)

·         File:            creates a print file

·         Clipboard:   copies your graph to the clipboard

·        Additional options provided for the SAP Spool and File options:

If you choose SAP Spool oder File, additional options are available in the dialog window:


You can choose from various formats (Postscript, Graneda (format of Netronic), WMF, etc.).

         Paper format

You can choose from various paper formats from a list (DIN, Legal, Letter, etc.).  The print format (portrait or landscape) must be identical with the paper format of your printer.

         Portrait / Landscape

You can print your graph in portrait format on a landscape paper format, and vice versa.

         Standard character height

         Printer name  (available with the SAP Spool option)

         File name  (available with the File option)

·        Additional options for SAP Gantt Chart Graphics:

Under Print modes, the Pages and Window options are provided:


Prints all data, using as many pages as necessary to accomodate the line items.

If Automatic is set for the Print mode option (Options menu), the system picks the largest time unit that allows all events to fit horizontally across a single page. Then the plan is printed in multiple pages, as needed for the given line items. The standard character height defined in the printer is used.

A last page containing the legend is also printed.


Prints all data in the current window, using a single page.

No attempt is made to choose a time unit that fits all events width-wise on the page. Events not currently visible on the screen are not printed out.

If the window does not fit within the page size specified by the printer, the window is resized to fit. The length-width proportion, however, is maintained.

Option menus or popup windows that obscure the view, or that merely exist somewhere on the monitor screen, are not sent to the printer and have no effect on the printing of the view itself.

Printer Requirements

In order to print graphics views, the printer attached to your system must be able to print graphics as well as text. It must also have a suitable resolution.

Printing through SAP Spool requires a PostScript printer.

Printer output depends in part on the capabilities of the printer drivers supported by your operating system. For example, in the OS/2 operating system, you can specify the various output format options in the Print Manager.