Internal Table "EXTRACT" (View Cluster)


The table "EXTRACT" is the data display work table. At runtime it contains all the data which was selected from the table "TOTAL" in the view cluster maintenance. The selection is made by the user by selecting an entry in view cluster navigation and calling functions in the individual dialog, such as, All selected entries, or All changed entries. The data is sorted in ascending order.

You can access the table "EXTRACT" for a view cluster subobject via the field symbol <VCL_EXTRACT>, if the routine VCL_SET_TABLE_ACCESS_FOR_OBJ has been called previously for this subobject.


For views or tables without text tables, the internal table has the structure of the view or table plus a processing and a selection flag.

INCLUDE STRUCTURE <view name> or <table name>


For tables connected to a text table via the foreign key relationship TEXT, the structure of the table comprises the structure of the entity table and the text table, plus two processing flags and a selection flag.


INCLUDE STRUCTURE <text table name>


The structure of the table "EXTRACT" is not transparent and the table has no header line. You should define a record with this structure to access the table fields. The fields can be accessed via the record after assigning an "EXTRACT" table entry to the record, e.g. in a loop over the table or in a READ TABLE statement.

If a record is defined for a concrete view/tab, you can access the view/table fields and the processing flags:

DATA = ext_wa (1000) type C,

eflag type vcl_flag_type.

FIELD SYMBOLS: <ext_wa_struc> type ґconcrete viewґ,

<fldval> type any,

<ext_wax> type x,

<ext_action> type vcl_flag_type.

PERFORM vcl_set_table_access_for_obj using ґconcrete viewґ

changing eflag.

ASSIGN: ext_wa to <ext_wa_struc> casting component fieldname

of structure <ext_wa_struc> to <fldval>,

ext_wa to <ext_wax> casting,

<ext_wax> + <vcl_header> - after_tabc to <ext_action>


LOOP at <vcl_extract> into ext_wa.

CHECK <vcl_action> = ґnґ.

MOVE <fldval> to ...


Processing and Selection flags

Each record in the table "EXTRACT" contains Processing and Selection flagshen. They can be read for each record in a loop over the table.