Internal Table "TOTAL" (View Cluster)


The table "TOTAL" contains all data which are read, changed and created in the view cluster maintenance. The data is sorted in ascending order.

You can access the table "TOTAL" for a view cluster subobject via the field symbol <VCL_TOTAL>, if the routine VCL_SET_TABLE_ACCESS_FOR_OBJ has been called previously for this subobject.


For views or tables without text tables, the internal table has the structure of the view or table plus a processing and a selection flag.

INCLUDE STRUCTURE <view name> or <table name>


For tables connected to a text table via the foreign key relationship TEXT, the structure of the table comprises the structure of the entity table and the text table plus two processing flags and a selection flag.


INCLUDE STRUCTURE <text table name>


The structure of the table "TOTAL" is not transparent and the table has no header line. You should define a record with this structure to access the table fields. The fields can be accessed via the record after assigning a "TOTAL" table entry to the record, e.g. in a loop over the table or in a READ TABLE statement.

Processing and Selection flags

Each record in the table "TOTAL" contains Processing and Selection flagshen. They can be read for each record in a loop over the table.

Changing "TOTAL"

If the table "TOTAL" is to be changed, e.g. to create, delete or change hidden entries, the form routine EDIT_VIEW_ENTRY must be called as external perform in the function group containing the generated maintenance dialog modules for the subobject. The routine changes the entry in the data tables, sets the processing flag and updates the view maintenance internal status information for the subobject.

EDIT_VIEW_ENTRY routine interface





Data table 'EXTRACT' of subobject


Data table 'TOTAL' of subobject


Subobject header entry management table


Subobject field information management table


Selection conditions against which the validity of the entry to be created is checked


Subobject entry to be changed


Type of change to be made. Possible values:

'DEL' : ENTRY is to be deleted

'UPD' : ENTRY is to be created if no entry with that key exists, or to be changed

'UDL' : ENTRY is to be retrieved from deletion

The routine returns the return code SY-SUBRC = 0 if the action was successful.

Delete an entry:

data: error_flag(1) type c,

Subobject_wa like 'Subobject name'.

* Prepare access to subobject data and management tables

vcl_set_table_access_for_obj using 'Subobject name'

changing error_flag.

Subobject_wa =....

perform edit_view_entry(saplfugr)

* saplfugr is the main program of the

* function group used for generation

tables <vcl_extract> <vcl_total>

<vcl_header> <vcl_namtab>


using Subobject_wa 'DEL'.

Create a new entry

The entry to be created is checked against the conditions in the parameter SELLIST. If the subobject contains subset fields, an appropriate list of conditions must be passed for this entry.