Processing and Selection flags

The flags for views/tables without text tables have the structure VIMFLAGTAB, and for tables with text tables, the structure VIMTBFLAGS.

Processing flag

The processing flag for views can be accessed in the ACTION field in the user-defined structure. It indicates whether the table record is unchanged (original), changed, new or flagged for deletion.

If the maintenance dialog is based on a table with a text table, linked by the foreign key relationship TEXT, there are two processing flags VIM_ACTION and VIM_TXTACT (see also VIMTBFLAGS). The flag VIM_ACTION refers only to the entity table, not to the text table. The text table therefore has its own processing flag with the same semantics, which can be accessed via the component VIM_TXTACT.

The processing flags can take the following values:

  • 'U': changed
  • 'D': deleted
  • 'Y': entry first changed and then deleted
  • 'X': entry first created and then deleted
  • 'N': new
  • <space>: unchanged

Selection flag

The selection flag can be accessed in the MARK field for views and the VIM_MARK field for tables. It indicates whether the record is selected (MARK = 'M') or not.