Text Variables and Replacement


This function inserts text variables into the task texts. These texts are the task description or the work item text, for example.

At runtime, the system replaces the text variables with the current values. The text variables always have the form &<TextVariable>& . You can insert text variables at any point in your text.


Text variables can refer to container elements in the task container or to standard symbols and system symbols.

Container element

Direct value assignment

You designate a container element from the task container as a text variable. At runtime, the system inserts the current value of this container element into the text.

The entry in the text has the form &<ElementName>& .

Indirect value assignment

You enter an expression as a variable, which refers indirectly to an object attribute or key field via a container element. At runtime, the system inserts the current value of the attribute or key field into the text.

A prerequisite for this is that an object is referenced in the element of the task container.

The entry in the text has the form &<ElementName>.<AttributeName>& .

This entry can also be made in two or more steps: &<ElementName>.<Object>.<AttributeName>&

In the task description for the standard task Approve notification of absence, the name of the applicant is referenced with the variable &_WI_Object_ID.Creator.Name& .

Multiline elements

If you insert a multiline container element as a text variable, the system offers you various ways of displaying the values in this element at runtime:

Display at runtime

Syntax at definition time in long text

Only first line


All lines as body text


All lines with line breaks


System symbols or standard symbols

For further information, refer to Including Symbols with the SAPscript Editor.

A SAPscript symbol is always evaluated with priority, even if there is an element of the same name in the task container.


To include a container element, choose Include ® Expression in the SAPscript editor. If you are on a tab page, you can select to include an expression. To include standard symbols and system symbols, choose the appropriate option from the Include menu. A dialog box opens in which you can select the expression or symbol.

You must always select a text variable from the dialog box. It is not possible to enter a variable name into your text directly.