Customer-Defined Tab Page for Work Item Display


The work item display covers three tab pages (Basic data, Activities and Available objects) as standard. You can add another, individual tab page, which is displayed as the first tab page when you call the work item display.

You can define an individual tab page for an activity, a document generation or a user decision in a workflow definition. This additional tab page only appears when work items that represent this step are displayed.

This additional tab page can be used for the following purposes, among others:

  • You can display important information from the current process, which does not appear as standard in the work item display.
  • You can make functions required frequently by a recipient more accessible by placing them directly on the tab page.
  • You can give the work item display an individual "look and feel" in keeping with the company.

Every activity, document generation and user decision can have its own customer-defined tab page in the work item display. In some cases, it can be useful to assign the same additional tab page to all activities, document generations and user decisions in a certain business process.


The screen 0100 is provided in the module pool SAPLSWL0 of the function group SWL0 as an example of a customer-specific and process-specific tab page. This example shows the most important data for the object leave request and demonstrates the three functions resubmit approval, add attachment and display request. This tab page is only suitable for an activity with an object of the type FORMABSENC in the container.

To test the functionality of the customer-defined tab page, proceed as follows:

  1. Define a workflow that processes a notification of absence and contains, for example, a task for the method approve of the object type FORMABSENC (notification of absence).
  2. When you define the activity for this task, specify the module pool SAPLSWL0 in the Program name field and the screen 0100 in the Screen number field in the area Step-specific tab page for work item display on the tab page Work item display.
  3. Start the workflow. The work item of the approval step contains the additional tab page in the work item display.


You must have knowledge of programming screens. For further information, refer to Screen Painter.


To define your own tab page, create a module pool with a screen as a subscreen in the customer namespace.

The main screen (and the other tab pages) of the work item display are contained in an SAP module pool. Communication between the main screen and your tab page has been purposely restricted and can be easily implemented using a collection of macros. Insert the include <widisp> in the top include of your module pool in order to use these macros:

include <widisp>.

You can use the following macro instructions:

You usually want to offer data or functions on your tab page, which refer to the objects that are also referenced in the container of the work item. You can use the function module SAP_WAPI_GET_OBJECTS from the SAP WAPI interface to establish the objects associated with the work item. For examples of how to use this function module, refer to Importing the Leading Object.

You will find all of the released function modules of the SAP WAPI interface in the function group SWRC .