CCMS Alert Monitor


The Computing Center Management System (CCMS) has a special alert monitor for Business Workflow.

You use this alert to centrally monitor Business Workflow and to identify different categories of system errors and application errors in the involved components.

The CCMS Alert Monitor has the following advantages:

·        Automated, central monitoring that only requires you to carry out administration tasks when an alert occurs

·        Proactive monitoring by means of alerts that are triggered as soon as a particular threshold value is not reached, or is exceeded

·        Support when solving problems by means of pre-defined analysis functions with which you can resolve the cause of an alert in a particular component


Usually, an alert has one analysis method, which is specifically designed for a particular error situation. The analysis method starts a tool that displays the possible causes of the error, or which resolves the error automatically.


To start the CCMS Alert Monitor for Business Workflow, call transaction CCMS Monitoring (RZ20).

Under SAP Business Workflow you will find all the alerts for Business Workflow and Business Process Engine (BPE) in cross-component Business Process Management (BPM) as part of SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI). For more information about the CCMS Alert Monitor as part of XI, see CCMS Alert Monitor.

To display and analyze any open alerts, navigate to the Open Alerts view.

To execute the analysis method, double click an open alert or call the context and choose Start Analysis Method.

To remove an alert from the list of open alerts once you have analyzed it and performed the required actions, choose Complete Alert.