Loading OLE Type Information into an ABAP System for Conversion

You can load the type information from the presentation server into table OLELOAD of the ABAP system (in the ABAP Development Workbench).  To do this select Development ® Programming environ. ® OLE2 ® Load Typeinfo (transaction SOLI). The view “TypeInfo Loaded” is displayed with the following information:

·        Application

·        Version

·        CLSID of application

·        CLSID of object library

With “Load Typeinfo” a part of the typelib is loaded into SAP’s database.

This is only possible if the application in question is loaded on your PC.

The ABAP processor can thus perform the necessary type conversions and is not dependent on the language of the OLE application, i.e. an ABAP program can use methods and property names in any language for which type information has been loaded, and can still process applications that have been installed in another language.

For all OLE applications used by SAP standard applications, the English version is delivered in the table OLELOAD.

If an OLE server has no Typeinfo, it can still be processed by ABAP, but the names of the methods and properties have to be in the same language as the language in which the frontend-application is installed.