Registering External Applications in an ABAP System

All applications controlled by ABAP must be entered in the table TOLE in the ABAP Development Workbench. In order to maintain table TOLE select Development  ® Programming environ. ® OLE2 ® Configuration (transaction SOLE).

The key of TOLE (OLE application) is used as object class name in the CREATE-statement. Each entry contains all information needed to generate an OLE object.

Table TOLE also indicates whether type information (Typeinfo) exists for an application.

The Typeinfo describes all the objects that a particular application can handle, including all its methods, properties and parameters.

The view “Maintenance view for OLE applications: Overview” displays information on the OLE application names, the version numbers of the OLE applications and class-IDs in character format.

If you want to see more specific information, select Details and the view “Maintenance view for OLE applications: Details” with the following fields is displayed:

·        OLE application

The application name determines the object class when an object is generated.

·        Version number

If several versions of an OLE application exist, use the version number from the registration database on the presentation server to distinguish between the various versions.

·        CLSID

OLE class identification in character format as specified in the registration database on the presentation host. The CLSID number is sent to the frontend.

·        CLSID LibType

OLE class-ID in character format. The Type Library of an OLE application partly has its own CLSID.

·        OLE object name

The name of the first OLE object that is created. This field is used in the Object Browser only.

·        Typeinfo key

Key for Typeinfo of an OLE application. Under this key, the typeinfo is stored in the database. NO_TYPELIB indicates that you do not want to use typeinfo for this application.

·        Include program

Include program with constants definitions. Include program has to be maintained manually. This entry is currently used for documentation and reference purposes only.

·        Language

The language of the following text.

·        Text

Description of an OLE application.