Creating and Editing Task Profiles in Simple Maintenance

You can create task profiles by assigning tasks to objects. (The type of tasks you can work with depends on the view you use.) When you do so, you are creating relationship infotype records between the task and the other object. This is relationship A/B 007.

You may assign tasks to jobs, positions, and organizational units and users.

The principle of inheritance applies to task profiles. This means that, in certain situations, one object can inherit the task profile of another. For example, positions inherit the task profile of the job on which they are based. Employees inherit the task profile of the position to which they are assigned, and so on.

You can edit established task profiles by:

  • Assigning additional tasks
  • Removing a task assignment by either delimiting, or deleting, the relationship between the object and the task.

You can create and maintain the tasks themselves in Simple Maintenance.

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