Customer Modifications and Developments


If required, customers can carry out modifications to existing BAPIs, for example, create new parameters or parameter fields, or develop new BAPIs following this programming guide.


Customers and partners who want to create new development objects required in the context of a modification or own development, should follow the guidelines in the document Changing the SAP Standard as well as "Guidelines for Modifying the SAP Standard in SAPnet.

Also, make sure that the relevant development objects are assigned a name from the customer namespace. For further information see Namespaces.

Process Flow

Modifications to existing BAPIs or the development of customers’ own BAPIs cannot be made for business object types delivered in the standard.

Instead, you create a subtype of the business object type which inherits all the characteristics and methods of this object type. The original object type becomes the supertype. Then you can make the modifications/own developments to the derived subtype.

In this way the SAP standard delivered to customers is not changed and the modifications/own developments carried out are retained when the release is upgraded. This procedure also enables BAPIs to be modified in steps because further subordinate sub-types of a business object type can be created.

For general information about object types and subtype refer to the documentation for SAP Business Workflow.

The following sections describe how subtypes are created and the two ways of enhancing the BAPIs available for this subtype.

  • Modifications

Use this way if you want to enhance the functions of an existing BAPI for a subtype. For more information see Modifying BAPIs.

  • Customer developments

Use this method to provide functionality for the subtype which is not covered by any of the existing BAPIs of the subtype nor by any of the BAPIs inherited by the subtype. For further information see BAPI Development.