Testing the BAPI and Its Documentation


After you have implemented the function module your BAPI is based on and you have defined the BAPI as a method of an SAP business object type in the Business Object Repository (BOR) you should check that the BAPI functions properly.


Carry out the test together with persons responsible for quality control in your development group.

Before you start testing make sure that the underlying function module has been completely implemented and that the BAPI has been correctly defined in the BOR as method of a business object type.

Process Flow

Testing the Documentation

Check that the documentation for each business object type, each BAPI and for each interface parameter is available and that you can understand it.

Testing the BAPI

You can test the BAPI in the following ways:

·         By testing the underlying function module in the Function Builder

You can individually test the parameters in your function module by entering the appropriate test values in the parameters to verify that the source code in the function module can run without errors.

·         By testing the BAPI call from an external program.

You should ensure that your BAPI can be called from within external programs, for example, from a Visual Basic program.


If you find any errors in the BAPI implementation, correct them and repeat the tests until you and the quality control team in your group are fully satisfied with the BAPI implementation and with the documentation.