Naming Parameters in the BOR

Process Flow

You can now assign names to the individual method parameters in the Business Object Repository (BOR).

These names are based on the names of the parameters in the function module that you assigned in Naming Parameters in the Function Module.

When naming BAPI parameters in the BOR follow the guidelines below:

  • The components of parameter names in the BOR are separated by upper and lower case letters to make them easier to read. Each new word in the parameter name begins with a capital letter, for example, CompanyCodeDetail.
  • From Release 4.0 the names of BAPI parameters in the BOR and the names of the parameters in the associated function module must be identical except for the use of upper and lower case letters. This was not necessarily the case for BAPIs developed before Release 4.0.
  • Standardized parameters have specified names. For more information see Programming Standardized Parameters.

If you create your BAPI in the BOR using the BOR/BAPI Wizard, the Wizard uses the parameter names in the function module as the default names of the method parameters. For information about the BOR/BAPI Wizard see Defining Methods in the BOR Using the BOR/BAPI Wizard.

  • Parameter names in the BOR must be in English.
  • Parameter names in the BOR cannot be more than 30 characters.

In the example in the previous steps, four parameters for one BAPI were identified and the names of these parameters specified in the function module.

The table below shows what the parameter names could look like in the function module and in the BOR.

Parameters and their Names in the Function Module and in the BOR


Name in Function Module

Name in the BOR

Company code



Detailed data of company code



Address data of company code



Return Parameters