Naming the Method in the BOR

Process Flow

You can now specify the name of the BAPI as a method of a SAP business object type in the Business Object Repository (BOR).

The individual components of BAPI names are identified by the use of upper and lower case letters, for example, ChangePassword.

BAPI names must be meaningful and be in English, and can only have a maximum of 30 characters. For example:

  • ExistenceCheck
  • ChangePassword
  • GetDetail

For standardized BAPIs use the corresponding generic name, for example, GetList, GetDetail. For further information about these BAPIs see Standardized BAPIs.

In standard, object-oriented language use, parentheses() are added to the method name, for example GetList(), in documentation and user guides. This convention is also used in the document.

However, no parentheses are used when assigning BAPI names.

To get an idea about naming BAPIs, you should take a look at the existing BAPIs of an SAP business object type in the BOR.