Naming Parameters in the Function Module


In the previous step you identified the scope and the required contents of the interface parameters. Now you have to specify the names of these parameters in three function module.

Process Flow

You are only allowed to define export, import and table parameters for the BAPI function module interface. Change and exception parameters are not allowed.

The names you choose for the function module parameters are used in the Business Object Repository (BOR) as the names of the associated method parameters. The names of BAPI parameters in the BOR and the names of the parameters in the associated function module must be identical. For this reason parameters in function modules must have meaningful names in English to ensure the BAPI method call can be carried out without any problems.

When assigning parameter names follow the guidelines below:

  • The names must be in English.
  • As of Release 4.5A the names of method parameters in the BOR can be up to 30 characters long. Parameter names in function modules that implement the BAPIs can therefore also have up to 30 alphanumeric characters. (In earlier Releases names of parameters in the BOR could only be a maximum of 20 characters long. The associated parameter names in the function module could only be 20 characters long).
  • Choose meaningful names and do not use abbreviations.

In the above example based on the company code scenario, the following parameters were required:

  • An import parameter for the key field CompanyCodeID of the SAP business object type CompanyCode
  • An export parameter for the detailed data of the company code.
  • An export parameter for the address data of the company code.
  • A return parameter that reports messages back to the calling program

You could use the following names for these parameters in the function module:


Name in Function Module

Parameter Type

Company code



Detailed data of company code



Address data of company code



Return Parameters