Defining a BAPI and Its Interface


After you have carried out the review of the BAPI concept and it has been accepted, you can start defining the BAPI itself.

In this step, you will decide on the names, parameters, and characteristics of the BAPI and determine the structures in the ABAP Dictionary which the BAPI will be based on. Only after you have planned and defined these required details can you start to implement the BAPI and create the required programming objects.

The table below illustrates where the planned information is written and how it fits together.

Information in the BOR, Function Builder and ABAP Dictionary

Process Flow

To implement your BAPI in accordance with the required conventions, follow the guidelines for each of the tasks below. Follow the instructions in the references given in the second column.


For further information see:

  1. Check if the BAPI is in the Standardized BAPIs category.

    These BAPIs provide basic functions and can be implemented for most of the SAP business object types. Check whether the BAPI can be implemented as a standardized BAPI.

Standardized BAPIs

  • You have to identify the SAP business object type in the Business Object Repository or if necessary, create one.

    Test whether the key fields of the business object type are relevant for your BAPI.

  • Determining the Object Type and Its Key Fields

    For information about creating SAP business object types see the documentation, SAP Business Workflow.

  • Define the structure and the scope of the BAPI interface
  • Defining the Interface Structure of the BAPI


    Standardized Parameters

  • Give names to the required parameters in the function module.
  • Naming Parameters in the Function Module

  • Define the data formats in which the values must be transferred in the function module interface.
  • Defining Data Formats

  • Specify the required data objects in the ABAP Dictionary.
  • Specifying Development Objects in the Dictionary

  • Assign a name to the method in the BOR.
  • Naming the Method in the BOR

  • Assign a name to the method parameter in the BOR.
  • Naming Parameters in the BOR

  • Specify the name of the function module that the BAPI is based on, and the name of the function group in which the function module is to be stored.
    1. Naming the Function Module and the Function Module Group


      Once you have completed these steps, you will have defined your BAPI.