Help on Help


You can use the Help function to access information about the SAP System.


You can select the following options from the Help menu:

Type of Help



SAP Library

Function-oriented and process-oriented documentation for SAP Components and Business Scenarios

Help ® SAP Library

Application Help

Parts of the SAP Library that refer to specific functions (with context-sensitive access)

Help ® Application Help


Definitions of SAP terms

Help ® Glossary

Release notes

Information about new and changes features in the various versions of the SAP System

Help ® Release Notes

Help on a field

Explanation of the use of a particular field in cases where the field label is not self-explanatory.

Position the cursor on the field and choose  or press the F1 key.

Help on a system message

Explanation of a notification message, a warning, or an error message in cases where the message short text is not self-explanatory.

Click the message short text or position the cursor on the message short text and choose  or press the F1 key.

SAP Library on the Internet

You can access the SAP documentation on the internet at This website also includes information about how to order the SAP documentation CD-ROMs.

Printing SAP Library Documentation

Both help types in which the SAP Library is provided (Plain HTM an a Web browser and HTML Help in its own browser) allow you to print individual topics from the SAP Library. With HTML Help, you can also print sections with multiple topics using the alternate mouse button.

For more information about the features of the different help types, see