Settings in SAPconnect


You must specify in the SAP system that the SAP Internet Mail Gateway should be used for sending Internet messages. At the same time, the communication method Internet is assigned the means of communication SAPconnect.

Every external communication system is represented in SAPconnect with a node. A node must also be put into operation for the SAP Internet Mail Gateway. When the system is in operation, regular send processes must be included which transfer the waiting messages to the SAP Internet Mail Gateway.

For further information, see Administration of SAPconnect.


You have authorization for SAPconnect administration and for maintaining customizing tables.

Process Flow


       1.      Check whether the means of communication SAPCONNECT is selected in the customizing table means of communication for the communication method INT. For further information, see Sending in the SAP system.

       2.      Create a node for the communication method INT and enter the RFC destination which you have created for program Mlunxsnd (in our example the destination had the name SIMG_Mlunxsnd).

       3.      Include send processes for address type INT. As a rule, the send processes are created as background jobs. You can also trigger a send process directly in SAPconnect administration during the test phase.