Settings on the Internet Mail Gateway Server


Settings for the functionality of the SAP Internet Mail Gateway and for the adaptation of mailing programs to the gateway are carried out on the Internet Mail Gateway server.

The following terms are used in this documentation to distinguish between the two configuration files:

-                      Configuration profile for those of the SAP Internet Mail Gateway

-                      Configuration file for those of the mailing program.

Process Flow

Carry out the following activities:


       1.      Create the configuration profile

       2.      Adapt the configuration file for the mailing program.

       3.      AS/400-specific settings

The following graphic illustrates with the help of the mailing program sendmail with the configuration file, which tasks the configuration profile and the configuration file have:

For outgoing messages, Mlunxsnd reads from the configuration profile the command to call up the sendmail. For incoming messages the sendmail reads from the configuration file which Internet messages are transferred to Mlsomail. Mlsomail reads the logon data of the RFC user to the SAP system from the configuration profile.