Object Folder


Folder in which objects alone are managed and edited. Object folders are displayed in the folder tree and can be edited using various folder and document functions.


Object folders are suitable for topic-related administration of private or group business objects. The objects in an object folder can be separated in a hierarchical structure and executed in the folder.

The following folder functions are possible:

  • Create objects in the folder
  • Assign folder attributes, such as the folder area and the folder access authorization

The following document functions are possible:

  • Sending
  • Create note for an object folder
  • Assign the document attributes Changeability, Sensitivity, Priority and Expiry date
  • Create link
  • Resubmit

For further information, see Working with Object Folders.


The objects that can be stored in an object folder are SAP Business objects from the Business Object Repository, for example a telephone call or a workflow, together with the relevant methods, for example Create.