Mailing Program

You need a mailing program for connection to the Unix Internet world. Generally the program Sendmail - or for AS/400 the program AnyMail/400 - is used.

If you install the SAP Internet Mail Gateway on a Windows NT computer, you need a mailing program for Windows NT. The company Sendmail Inc. offers the program Sendmail for NT. For further information, see the following Internet site:

This documentation does not describe the installation of the mailing program. See the information on the online program documentation regarding this, which you call up with the command man, for example man sendmail. We also recommend that you read additional information on this subject.

Literature available

  • We recommend the following standard texts on this subject:

Sendmail by Bryan Costals with Eric Allman & Neil Rickert, published by O’Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1997.

  • See the SAP booklet SAP supported Network Products for information on which mailing programs SAP supports.
  • For AS/400: IBM booklet AnyMail/400 Mail Server Framework Support V4 (SC41-5411)


The mailing program receives the Internet messages and determines how they will be distributed. For example, when the sendmail program receives an incoming message, a configuration file is accessed. This concerns the ASCII file The configuration file contains, among other things, rules, on how addresses are defined and determines how and via which mailer a message is sent.

Standard directory of the configuration file


Standard path









SUN Solaris


Microsoft Windows NT