Creating a Configuration Profile


  1. Call program Mlsomadm as follows:

    - UNIX and Windows NT:

    After the system prompt, enter mlsomadm <filename>

    <filename> is a freely definable file name for the configuration profile, for example /usr/sap/C11/Sys/profile/Mailgw.ini.

    - OS/400:

    Log on to the AS/400 system as user <SID>OFR and call the program from the console:

    CALL MLSOMADM PARM('<filename>'), for example CALL MLSOMADM PARM('/usr/sap/C11/Sys/profile/Mailgw.ini')

    If a file with the entered name already exists, MLSOMADM recognizes this as a valid configuration file and proposes the values existing in the file during the dialog. You can copy the proposed values or change them as required.

  2. In the subsequent dialog box, specify the required parameters.

    The following example shows a dialog for changing the configuration profile Mailgw.ini with program Mlsomadm:

  3. If you do not use the proposed path and file name /usr/sap/C11/Sys/profile/Mailgw.ini for the configuration profile, you have to set the environment variable GWCONFIG.