Testing the Installation


Before you put the SAP Internet Mail Gateway into operation, you should test whether or not the installation was successful.


You have installed the SAP Internet Mail Gateway and the mailing program and adapted them to your network structure.


For information on creating, processing and sending documents, see the documentation BC - Business Workplace.

Outgoing Internet Messages

Testing the connection SAP®Gateway

First check whether program Mlunxsnd was accessed by the SAP system, that is, whether the connection via the RFC destination works. Note that program Mlunxsnd must be started and registered for the activation type Registration. Proceed as follows:

Choose Test connection in the RFC destination display for program Mlunxsnd.

If errors occur, you should check the following settings:

?     Is the RFC destination to Mlunxsnd correctly created?

?     Is Mlunxsnd running and is it registered to an SAP Gateway of the SAP system?

Testing the connection Gateway®Mailing

In order to check whether the correct parameters are transferred to the program Mlunxsnd and that the program forwards the messages to the mailing program, proceed as follows:

Set the trace for outgoing messages to level 1. Send a message from the SAP System via the Internet, for example to an Internet address on your Internet Mail Gateway server.

If errors occur, you should check the following settings:

?     If you are using the environment variable GWCONFIG: Is the variable defined correctly?

?     Is the command for calling the mailing system correctly specified in the configuration profile?

?     Is the SAP user sender address maintained in the address management?

?     Has an SAPconnect send process run?

Incoming Internet Messages

Set the trace for incoming messages to level 1. Then send a message to the Internet address of an SAP user.

If a trace is written, this shows that the mailing program has successfully started the SAP mailer Mlsomail. Check with the help of the Trace file whether Mlsomail contains the following parameters: Path and name of the configuration profile and the recipient address.

If program Mlsomail has not been started, you should check the mailing program configuration file.

If the connection to the SAP system cannot be made, you should check the SAP Internet Mail Gateway configuration profile.