Starting the SAP Internet Mail Gateway


In order to put the SAP Internet Mail Gateway into operation, you must start the mailing program. If the activation type Registration is used, you must also start the program Mlunxsnd. If you have installed an stand alone gateway, you must start this. In all other cases, SAP Internet Mail Gateway programs are started automatically.


If necessary, set the environment variable GWCONFIG.

Process Flow

Start mailing program

Unix and Windows NT

The Unix Mailing Program Sendmail is usually started automatically when the system is started. For further information, see your Unix Mailing Program documentation.


For information on how you start AnyMail/400, see Starting AnyMail/400.

Start Mlunxsnd (only for registration)

If the program Mlunxsnd is to run with the activation type Registration, it has to be started. The program Mlunxsnd must then register with the SAP Gateway and run constantly.

Registration of Mlunxsnd

Unix and Windows NT

The entry you use to start Mlunxsnd depends on how you register the program:




Via the Saprfc.ini

mlunxsnd -D<RFC-Dest.>

mlunxsnd -dSIMG_Mlunxsnd


mlunxsnd -a<ProgramID>
-g<Gateway Host>
-x<Gateway Service>

mlunxsnd -ahs3333.mlunxsnd.c11001
-ghs3333 -xsapgw00

If you start Mlunxsnd via the shell script in which you set the variable GWCONFIG, the shell script must contain this entry.


For information on which entries you use to start program Mlunxsnd under OS/400, see Starting Mlunxsnd under OS/400.

Options for starting Mlunxsnd

The program can be started in the following ways:


Enter the entry directly in the command line of the SAP Internet Mail Gateway Server. You should only start the program Mlunxsnd manually for test purposes. In production operation it is preferable for the operating system to perform the start.

By the operating system

In production operation, you should let the operating system start program Mlunxsnd . If you register Mlunxsnd via file Saprfc.ini, this file must be in the current directory of Mlunxsnd. In order for Mlunxsnd to be started by the operating system, you must carry out the following activities depending on your operating system:

·        Windows NT:

You must configure a service which will automatically start program Mlunxsnd. You can set up the service with the help program Srvany, which is contained in the Windows NT Resource Kit. For further information, see the relevant documentation.

·        Unix:

Start the program Mlunxsnd in the background, for example via /etc/inittab or in the system startup scripts. For further information, see your system documentation.

·        OS/400:

You can include the Mlunxsnd call in your start profile. Important: The SAP system must be running before the commands can be executed.

Start  stand alone gateway (only for Windows NT with start on an explicit host without remote shell)

There are several possible ways of starting the gateway:

Via the SAP service manager

For information, see the SAP service manager documentation.

With direct command entry

Enter:     gwrd pf=<complete path to gateway profile>