Internet Addresses


Internet messages can only be sent with unique addresses which have the following form:


Messages can only be sent over the Internet if they contain a sender address. Therefore an Internet address must be maintained in the SAP system address management for all SAP users who want to receive or send Internet messages.

It is not always the case that the name of the recipient should be identifiable from the Internet address . For example, information can often be requested via the Internet from an address that has the following format:

Or the sales department can be reached via an address of the following format:

You can determine which user ultimately receives the messages which are sent to these addresses in inbound distribution .

The Internet address is one of the user related settings which is a prerequisite for sending and receiving Internet messages. The other is that the authorization for sending with the communication type Internet must be assigned to the users.


You can maintain the addresses in user master data or in the Business Workplace. SAP users can maintain their own addresses, whereas maintenance of other addresses requires administrator authorization. The addresses must correspond with the form that you gave in the Domain Name System (DNS). For more information, also see the Notes on addressing mails.