Notes on Addressing Mails

Internet addresses have the technical form


The right part of the address is the domain, the left is the local part. To enable addresses in, for example, the form

to correspond, you must specify the host as the mail exchange for the address in the Domain Name System (DNS). Here you must create an MX entry, because in some configurations an alias can lead to messages not being forwarded to an SAP Internet Mail Gateway, but rather forwarded locally.

The line OK MX must be activated in the configuration file under AIX, so that DNS is used. Other mailers may have similar features. Not all mailers can recognize MX entries.

Another possibility may be more robust, but involves more administration than that of an MX entry. You must also create an alias for every SAP user on an existing mail server. An example of the entry in the configuration file Aliases of the Unix mailing program:


For information on how users assign addresses in the SAP system see Internet addresses.