Making AnyMail/400 Specific Settings


Before messages can be exchanged between SAPoffice and AnyMail/400, directories must be created in the stream file system, in which the messages can be temporarily saved. The configuration program MLMSFCFG creates these directories and makes the AnyMail/400-specific settings:

  • It creates the configuration file /R3INTMAIL/R3CONFIG .
  • It registers the outbound programs.
  • It changes the authorizations for the mail programs and the RFC library.
  • It defines message types R3INTMSG and R3INTADR.


You have *SECOFR authorizations.


To display possible call parameters for MLMSFCFG, call the program with the option -h : CALL MLMSFCFG PARM('-h')

  1. In order to generate the configuration for AnyMail/400, call program MLMSFCFG with the following parameters:
    CALL MLMSFCFG PARM(‘-a’ ‘-l<R3<REL>IMG>’ ‘-c<ConfigFile>’ ‘-e<Path_to_MLSOMAIL>’)

    The parameters have the following meaning:


    Name of the SAP Internet Gateway library. This library must contain all the programs of the SAP Internet Gateway and of the RFC library.


    Complete configuration file path for the SAP Internet Mail Gateway, for example /tmp/r3mgconfig


    Complete path to MLSOMAIL As the program mlsomail is found in the kernel library, the path entry appears as follows:


  2. Check whether program mlmsfcfg has been successfully executed by seeing the error messages (for example in the job log) and correcting possible errors.
  3. Program mlmsfcfg registers the outbound programs mladdrsln and mllcldelv:



In order to check whether the outbound programs have been correctly installed, enter the command WRKREGINF .

  1. Scroll further until QIBM_QZMFMSF_ADR_RSL or QIBM_QZMFMSF_LCL_DEL is displayed.
  2. If you have chosen option 8, you can determine whether the outbound programs are called from the required library.

Options ‘-p’ and ‘-d’ from the configuration program mlmsfcfg enable you to delete the configuration. When you have executed mlmsfcfg with the option ‘-p’ , you must manually delete directory /R3INTMAIL .