Internet Link Network Structure

If you use a network structure for which several SAp systems should be linked to the Internet, a SAP Internet Mail Gateway must be installed for every SAp system. The following possibilities exist for message transfer between SAp systems and the Internet:

·        Distributed, so that every SAp system directly receives the Internet messages. In this case the mailing program configuration file must be adapted on other machines.

·        Centrally, so that one computer receives all Internet messages addressed to your company. This computer then distributes the messages to the other computers, even if these are not linked via the Internet log. In this case, you must adapt the mailing program configuration file to the central computer and determine which addresses are transferred to the Internet Mail Gateway of the other computers.

In a central structure, none of the names of the computer which receives the Internet messages may be identical to the system name of an SAp system which is operated by the gateway. Otherwise, messages cannot be easily forwarded to SAp systems.