Working with Object Folders


The use of the functions for processing object folders is fundamentally the same as that of the functions for processing folders or documents. As with other folders, the content of the object folders can only be accessed in the folder content list. Attributes and, if necessary, recipient lists can also be called.


You create new object folders in the folder structure. To do this, proceed as described in Creating a Folder.

You create objects in the Business Workplace as well as process the object folders and objects contained in a folder in the folder content list. Note that you can only send in the content list of the object folder that is above the highest object folder (that is not, therefore, an object folder). When you send an object folder, all subordinated objects and object folders are sent with it. Object folders in the folder structure are also displayed in a hierarchy in the recipient's inbox. To send an object folder, proceed as described in Sending a Document.