Adapt the Configuration File


Adapt the mailing program configuration file to your network structure so that the message transfer between the mailing program and the SAP Internet Mail Gateway works. This procedure shows you which steps you take for this adaptation. For a full definition see the relevant example.


You need superuser authorization for the SAP Internet Mail Gateway server.

You have made a backup copy of the configuration file.



       1.      Load, on the SAP Internet Mail Gateway server, the configuration file of your mailing program in a text editor.

       2.      Add the SAP mailer in the section in which the mailers are defined.

In order to simplify this operation, you can copy the address of the local mailer and adapt correspondingly. The following information must be entered:

-   Path to file Mlsomail

-   Path to the configuration profile of the SAP Internet Mail Gateway.

       3.      Add a rule in the section in which the rules for the distribution of messages to the mailers are determined. Enter the domain of the recipient addresses which should be forwarded to the SAP mailer .

       4.      Define the user under which program Mlunxsnd runs as the “trusted user”, so that the user  sets the relevant SAP user as sender for each Internet message. The user at the activation type is

-     Start: the user, under whom the application server runs,

-     Registration: the Unix administrator who started Mlunxsnd.

Step 4. does not apply to Windows NT.Because a different user- and authorization concept is used there, a “trusted user” is not required.

1.       Save your changes and restart the mailing program daemon process.


The configuration file is adapted for your network structure. Internet messages addressed to SAP Users are forwarded to the SAP mailer of the SAP Internet Mail Gateway.