A Mail System Group Between SAP systems and an External Mail System


The SAP system's mail system enables communication to take place between SAP users, business applications and business partners. If you use a different mail system (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino, for example) in your company, you can use this for the communication functions of the SAP system. By integrating the external mail system and SAP systems, you avoid having to set up and administer two complete communication landscapes.

This documentation uses an example scenario to describe how a mail system group between an SAP system and an external mail system can be set up. The mail system group described here has the following aims:

·        Users receive all messages in their home mail system so that they do not have to process several mailboxes at the same time. Messages addressed to SAP users are also received in the home mail system.

·        SAP applications address messages to internal users. The messages are automatically forwarded to the users' home mail systems.

·        Users can access the address of every mail system group user when they send messages from the SAP system.

·        When Internet messages are sent from the mail system group, every sender address has the same domain, irrespective of whether the messages were sent from the SAP system or the external mail system.

·        The statuses of messages sent from the SAP system within the mail system group are returned to the SAP system and to the external mail system.

·        Replies are always received in the home mail system, irrespective of whether the message replied to was sent from the SAP system or from the external mail system.

Introduction notes

The link between SAP systems and an external mail system is made by a connector (for example the SAP Exchange Connector or the Lotus Domino MTA). For further information, see System Structure of the Mail System Group.


·         A general domain can only be used for sending from the mail system group if the address is converted by an alias file.

·         The addresses of mail system group users who are not SAP users can currently only be accessed in the SAP system using an LDAP connection to the send screen.

·         The Reply-to field of the RFC 822 is currently not used, that is, replies first go to the SAP system and are routed from there to the external mail system when messages are sent within the mail system group.

·         Executable documents are not yet supported outside the SAP system in which they were generated.