Making Entries in the System Distribution Directory


A user who wants to use SAPoffice Internet mail must have a corresponding user in the AS/400 system. The user must not necessarily have the same name - aliases can also be created.

Under OS/400 the user is entered in the system distribution directory. You must insert a comment which states that Internet mails are handled by SAPoffice. This is necessary to distinguish between users who use SAPoffice as a primary mail system and users who only process mails at an AS/400 level.

The SMTP name is the mail address of a SAPoffice user who wants to use Internet mail (SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The entry in the system distribution directory must therefore contain both the SNADS address (SNADS stands for SNA distribution services) and the SMTP address. In order to distinguish a SAPoffice user from other users at an AS/400 level, you must use the user-defined fields.



       1.      In order to add an additional user to the system distribution directory, execute the command WRKDIRE.

       2.      Enter in field User ID/Address the SNADS address in the form of User ID/Address. (This information is required by the AS/400 system administration)

       3.      So that AnyMail/400 mails for users who want to use SAPoffice can be correctly forwarded, enter the value 9 (other mail service) in field Mail service level.

       4.      Set the next fields to R3INTMAIL and *NONE

       5.      Enter the value 9 (other preferred address) in the field Preferred address.

       6.      Enter R3INTADR in the fields Address type and Field name. The following screen shows how this entry should look:

       7.      To enter the SAPoffice user Internet address, choose Change Directory Entry F19 (change name for SMTP) from the screen. The address entered here must agree with the address entered in the SAP-System. The following screen is displayed:

       8.      Choose F20 (Specify user-defined fields) to make entries in the user-defined fields.

       9.      Enter the value entered in the previous screen and in SAP-System for the SMTP address in field R3INTADR

   10.      Enter YES in field R3INTMAIL.