Deleting Matchcode IDs


You can only delete a matchcode ID once all the corresponding database objects for this ID have been deleted. You must do the following before you can delete a matchcode ID:

  • For matchcode IDs of update type I: Delete the matchcode view on the database. In the screen Maintain Matchcode ID (Attributes), call the database utility with Utilities ® Database utility.
  • For matchcode IDs of update types A, S and P: Delete the matchcode data built using the matchcode utility. It is sufficient to delete the matchcode pool from the database using the database utility.


  1. Go to the maintenance screen for the attributes of the matchcode ID.

    Choose Matchcode ID ® Delete.

  2. A dialog box appears for you to confirm your deletion request.

    Confirm the deletion request.

  3. If no more dependent objects exist for the matchcode ID, it will deleted.

Information on the deletion process and on any errors that may have occurred is recorded in the deletion log. You can display the deletion log with Utilities ® Display log ® Delete.

It is often better to only deactivate a matchcode ID. Unlike when a matchcode ID is deleted, the definition of the ID is kept in the ABAP Dictionary when an ID is deactivated. If the ID is needed at a later time, it can be activated again.