Deactivating Matchcode IDs

In applications, many matchcode IDs are created automatically, but are rarely used in certain areas. These superfluous IDs could affect system response times.

The Deactivate function in the menu Matchcode ID in the maintenance screen for the attributes of the matchcode ID allows you to alleviate this problem. Unlike when a matchcode ID is deleted, the definition of the ID is kept in the ABAP Dictionary when an ID is deactivated. If the ID is needed at a later time, it can be activated again.

The Deactivate function is only possible for active matchcode IDs. Before a matchcode ID can be deactivated, the objects in the database belonging to the ID (such as a view or index for IDs of update type I) are deleted.

Note that the matchcode records of a deactive ID are not automatically adjusted to data changes for matchcode IDs of update type S. After reactivation, the matchcode records must be rebuilt using the matchcode utility.

Inactive matchcode IDs are not proposed for selection when you use the F4 help.

Deactivation is a pure customizing function, that is it is not an attribute that can be transported. If a deactivated matchcode ID is included as part of an upgrade, it will be active again after the upgrade.