Changing Matchcode Objects

This section describes what you should be aware of when changing an existing matchcode object.

Changing the Primary Table

To change the primary table, simply enter a new table name in the field Primary table.

A warning is issued if you already selected secondary tables or fields. If you confirm the change to the primary table by pressing ENTER, all dependent objects (secondary tables and fields) are deleted.

If IDs already exist for the matchcode object, you cannot change the primary table. In this case you must first delete the existing IDs.

Removing Secondary Tables

To remove a secondary table from the matchcode object, position the cursor on the table and choose Edit -> Delete SecTab.

Deleting a table from the matchcode object also removes all the tables that are linked with the primary table via the deleted table.

Including Additional Secondary Tables

If you want to include additional secondary tables, position the cursor on the table name and choose Edit ® Choose sec. tab. A list is displayed of all tables linked to the selected table with a foreign key.

Position the cursor on a table that you want to include as a secondary table and choose Choose. The table is highlighted. Repeat this for all the tables you want to include in the matchcode object. Choose Copy.

You return to the maintenance screen. The selected tables are included as secondary tables and the appropriate foreign key is displayed. Save the table selection when you have included all the tables you require.

Deleting fields

To delete a field, position the cursor on the relevant field and choose Edit ® Delete field. Key fields cannot be deleted.

Before you delete a field from a matchcode object, you must make sure that this field is not used in any of the matchcode IDs for this object. Otherwise an error occurs when you try to activate the matchcode object! You can correct this error by deleting the relevant field from all the IDs of the matchcode object or by simply including the field again in the matchcode object.

Inserting Fields

To insert a field, position the cursor on a field that was already entered and choose Edit ® Insert field. A new line is opened directly above the line containing the cursor. You can make the necessary entries in this line.

Changing the Search Field

In order to use matchcodes as an online help, there must be a link between a field on the screen and a matchcode field. This link is established with the search field, which is normally assigned to the first key field of the primary table.

In a matchcode selection within the online help, the value of the search field is copied to the screen. If you want to select another search field, you must simply mark it in the corresponding column.

Only one field may be selected as search field!