Building Matchcode Data


In physical matchcodes (update types A, S or P), the matchcode data is stored redundantly in separate tables in the system. You have to build these tables after you have created and activated the matchcode object and the matchcode IDs. The tables are built and deleted using the matchcode utility (report SAPMACO). The procedure used to build the tables is the same for all physical update types (A, S or P).

The matchcode utility operates globally across all clients. A parameter controls whether matchcodes are to be built or deleted for a specific client or for all clients. The utility also permits matchcodes to be built for all matchcode objects at one time.


  1. Choose Utilities ® Matchcode data ® Build in the maintenance screen of the matchcode object. You can also call report SAPMACO directly.
  2. Follow the instructions in the F1 help. It describes how to fill in the input template. Execute the report.
  3. Check whether the matchcode data was built correctly. You can see this in Displaying the Built Matchcode Data.

Transparent matchcode IDs (update type I) and classification matchcode IDs (update type K) are not stored physically. Therefore, there is no reason to build such IDs with the matchcode utility.