Defining Selection Conditions of Matchcode IDs


Once you have defined the structure of a matchcode ID and specified the fields it is to contain, you can restrict the number of data records found by a matchcode search by specifying a selection condition. When the matchcode records are built, only those entries satisfying this condition are included.


  1. In the field maintenance screen for the matchcode ID, choose Goto ® Selection condition.

    The maintenance screen for the selection conditions of the matchcode ID appears.

  2. You can enter a selection condition of the form NOT MC Field Lngth Offs Op Constant AND/OR in each line.
  3. A list of all the possible fields is displayed by choosing Edit ® Choose fields.

    You can choose fields from this list and copy them for use in the definition of the field conditions by positioning the cursor on the field name and selecting Choose.

  4. Save your entries for the selection condition(s).

The entries in the selection conditions are as follows:

  • NOT: Entering NOT negates the corresponding line of the selection condition.
  • MC field: Name of the matchcode field for which the condition is formulated.
  • Lngth, Offs: If the field is defined as a sub-field with entries having been made for offset and length, the corresponding values are entered here.
  • Op.: Comparison operator for the selection condition. The following operators are permitted: LK (like), GT (greater than), GE (greater than / equal to), NE (not equal to), EQ (equal to), LT (less than) and LE (less than / equal to).
  • Constant: Constant value with which the field value is compared. Text literals enclosed in apostrophes and numbers are allowed as comparison values.
  • AND/OR: Link between two lines of the selection condition. Note that OR takes priority over AND. The condition <COND1> AND <COND2> OR <COND3> is therefore interpreted as <COND1> AND (<COND2> OR <COND3>). OR operations are only possible between lines referring to the same field.

The field conditions need not refer only to the fields belonging to the matchcode ID. They can be defined for any fields of the matchcode object. You can therefore include any fields of the matchcode object in the selection condition without using them in the ID as fields.

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