Creating Matchcode IDs

Once you have activated the matchcode object, you can maintain the matchcode IDs. Goto ® Matchcode IDs.

A list of all existing IDs for the object is displayed. Choose Create to define a new ID. A dialog box appears in which you can enter any alphanumeric character as identifier for the matchcode ID. The digits 0 to 9 are reserved for customers.

Choose Continue. The maintenance screen for the attributes of a matchcode ID appears.

To maintain a matchcode ID, you must:

  1. Define the attributes of matchcode IDs
  2. Select the secondary tables of matchcode IDs
  3. Select the fields of matchcode IDs
  4. Define the selection conditions of matchcode IDs (optional)
  5. Activate the matchcode IDs

Depending on the selected update type of the matchcode IDs of a matchcode object, you have to define further structures or carry out certain actions:

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