Selecting Fields of Matchcode Objects


  1. In the maintenance screen for the attributes of the matchcode object or the maintenance screen for the table selection choose Goto ® Fields.

    The maintenance screen for the field selection for matchcode objects is displayed. The key fields of all the tables that are relevant for the matchcode object are automatically copied. These fields are indicated by an appropriate entry in the Key column.

  2. If you want to include more fields in the matchcode object, position the cursor on the name of the table you require and choose Edit ® Choose fields.

    The fields of the corresponding table are displayed in a dialog box.

  3. You can include a field in the matchcode object by clicking on the corresponding entry and selecting Choose.

    The entry is highlighted. You can remove fields that were wrongly selected by positioning the cursor on the field and choosing Delete selection.

  4. Press Copy after marking all the required fields.

    The selected fields are included in the matchcode object.

    The order of the fields in the matchcode object is irrelevant. If two fields of different tables have the same name, a new name must be entered in the column MC field for at least one field.

  5. Link the screen field and the matchcode object field.

    In order to use matchcodes as an online help, there must be a link between a field on the screen and a matchcode field. This link is established with the search field, which is normally assigned to the first key field of the primary table.

    In a matchcode selection within the online help, the value of the search field is copied to the screen. If you want to select another search field, you must simply mark it in the corresponding column.

  6. Save the field selection.

All the fields in matchcodes must have character data types (CHAR, NUMC, ACCP, CLNT, CUKY, DATS, TIMS, LANG, UNIT).

Next Action when Creating a Matchcode:

Activate the matchcode objects